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I haven’t been around in a while, I know. Like I always say, I am not a blogger. I simply do what I do, developed from what I’ve learned, and share it. And sharing is what I’ll be doing on November 14th in Chicago for free at my debut motivational speech, which will be–of course–on how to make good choices. I’ve been holding off on giving the presentation until I had more data to demonstrate my solution’s effectiveness in business, and now I have that data.

Your Life. Tweaked. is the title. Check it out, spread the word (I have 225 seats to fill and an offer from an Emmy-winning producer to film it), and if you’re in Chicago, be there. :) Thanks in advance for your support. Register at Eventbrite:

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What am I always saying when it comes to confidence and being successful with women? Don’t take my word for it; here’s a guest post from a woman. Tiffany, thanks for writing.

We have heard the story many times – girl falls for that moody and temperamental hunk and dumps the well-behaved current boyfriend. In a party or a social gathering, have you noticed how women are naturally drawn to that confident and brash alpha-male who tells jokes, who self-deprecates and feels good about it, and who has body language that exudes confidence?

Women are not shallow, per se. The conditioning and the stereotyping are brought about by evolution.

If you think about it, men are drawn to attractive women. This can be equated to being drawn to those who have good genes. As for women, they are drawn to that special trait which conjures a “protector.” I’m not saying that men should act aggressively and presumptuously in order to attract women. It’s just that women are hard-wired to look at men as some sort of “protector,” the one who will fend for the family. Thousands of years of evolution and social conditioning have led to the emergence of the modern woman, anyway. And the gruff ones, the “bad boy” types, always look like the one who have the capacity to protect, commandeer fear, and generate awe. It may be an old-fashioned way of thinking, but it is not far from being biologically and historically accurate.

A woman knows, seconds after meeting a man, if he has “it.” It’s a woman’s reflex, an instinct. A woman can tell right away whether a man is a good sexual match for her. This impression does not even come from how a man “presents” himself to a woman. The woman can tell if she is looking at “the man.”

The solution: cultivate confidence and shed off whatever pre-programmed baggage that you have with your self-esteem. Confident men come out as strong men.

Tiffany Taylor is the author of GuyGetsGirl, a special guide for men that reveals all the dirty tricks women play on guys each and every day. And, most importantly, how men can turn the tables on women by using special psychological techniques to attract and seduce them, anywhere, anytime…effortlessly. Visit

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Hi all. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Again, remember, I’m not really a blogger. Any posts here, now that I’ve posted the roots of the concepts of how to make good choices, are examples of their use. Today’s post is a guest blog about birth control and some of the bad choices people make regarding it. As a little project, I suggest you apply the BLC’s to birth control and see how easy it is to avoid making any of these mistakes by doing so. (Remember, because my entries tend to be sporadic, it’s best to subscribe.)

Information about the writer, Betsy Coon can be found at the end of the article. Thanks for taking the time and writing the article, Betsy!

5 Most Common Faults in Birth Control Methods:

Estrogen pills can be used by both men and women for various reasons, but even with regular use in women to try to alter their fertility patterns, mistakes can still be made in birth control methods.

1. Not Using Protection

This is one of the biggest mistakes. Men who avoid using condoms are at a really higher risk of making the women they sleep with pregnant. This contraceptive mistake happens either because many teenagers engaging in sex don’t understand the importance of using protection or they simply don’t want to use condoms because the sensations to them don’t feel as stimulating and pleasurable. But this is often a very costly error if the couple is trying to avoid getting pregnant.

2. Forgetting to Consider Birth Control Pills

Some women never get a prescription for contraceptive pills in the first place, although some do but forget to take them. This can pose a critical hazard to an intelligent contraceptive approach between couples. These pills should be taken on a regular basis, usually in the exact same time every day. If not, the chances of effective birth control methods are severely diminished and the ease of getting pregnant becomes greatly magnified. It’s really not a wise decision to overlook taking these prescribed pills.

3. No Intrauterine Devices

Some women choose to take their chances at getting pregnant by not only not using protection or contraceptive pills but by also never getting an IUD from their gynecologist. This is an immature method of looking at birth control since IUDs are so effective at preventing pregnancy. While they aren’t 100% effective by any means, they’re still a fantastic birth control choice for women of most any age who are sexually active. Plus, they can be applied within a woman in a short doctor’s visit and also the procedure is completely pain and ache free and relatively inexpensive as well, so there should be no reason women make this wrong contraception decision.

4. Using Inefficient Withdrawal Method

Withdrawal of the erect male organ is among the worst birth control methods ever invented. It seldom works since the temptation of the male is to continue to keep his penis inserted within the female at the point of orgasm and ejaculation. This error is so costly to numerous girls and women of nearly every age.

5. Having Sex During Most Fertile Time

One of the worst birth control mistakes is for a woman to engage in sexual practice during her most fertile times of the month. This really is not very logical. It makes little sense, yet it’s done constantly, mostly by younger ladies, who might not have a complete understanding of exactly how the fertility and pregnancy processes are associated.

About the writer: Betsy B. Coon has a degree in Gynecology and blogs for the website, her personal hobby blog she uses to supply free information on estrogen pills.

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