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Have more and better choices. Make good decisions.

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The presentation in full and related materials/books:

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Choice – The Meaning of Life: How to Have More and Better Choices in Business, Relationships, Government and Life — 2 1/2 hrs, (.swf file requires flash)

Choice – The Meaning of Life: How to Have More and Better Choices in Business, Relationships, Government and Life — 2 1/2 hrs, (.exe file)

Audio version: Choice – The Meaning of Life… (mp3 file) for listening while jogging, while your inlaws are droning on, etc.

More books and materials will be added after I peruse them. All materials on this site are here because I recommend them–nothing was sent to me for free, for review, etc, unless otherwise noted. Even then, it wouldn’t be here unless I recommend it.

The 4-Hour Workweek I found this book to offer some good tips to remove the noise from your life so you can focus. It also has good advice for being more efficient. The author, Tim Ferriss, is very passionate about helping others achieve their goals and has created a huge following that has made his book a bestseller on many lists for years now. It is important to note that Tim is willing to get any gig rolling to live the lifestyle he wants and suggests you simply find a product you can sell online as easily as possible. Some people are able to do that while others need to be passionate about their job or product. (I fall into the latter category.) Tim’s product now is helping others achieve their goals, about which he is obviously quite passionate. Interestingly, all the products Tim sold before releasing this book helped people achieve their goals–a speed reading course and vitamins for athletes come to mind. Tim mentions that once you are up and running, you can “find your muse;” i.e., your passion. Then you can pursue it. You can actually do both from the start and should–oftentimes if you don’t focus on your “muse” from the start, it will be lost to you. (We hear this all the time in daily conversations and perhaps it was noted best by John Lennon–“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” This is precisely why you should find and have your “muse” in mind from the start.) Marketing is clearly Tim’s specialty and he is quite good at it.

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