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Have more and better choices. Make good decisions.

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You have four options for learning the process to make good choices in order to achieve your goals:

1) Download the pdf manuscript for the book from “The Book” page on the menu bar. This is by far the best method ($10 donation suggested) and should be done along with subscribing to the site for updates, numerous examples of applying the process in a variety of topics, and so forth.

2) Download and/or watch the full motivational presentation under “Resources” on the menu bar. You may also download it as an mp3 file.

3) Hire me to give the presentation live–it can be curtailed for any audience or topic and lengthened or shortened, as needed. “Contact” me on the menu bar.

4) Check out “About” on the menu bar then come back here to watch the brief vlog entries linked to below. These entries establish the system for making good choices. After that simply follow the vlog/blog as I put up small chunks of the book as entries, as well as apply the system to topics not included in the book and add updates.


Life Cycle vs. Meaning of Life

4 Certainties in Life

The 4 BLC’s — Basic Life Concept Questions

Key Questions


Principles – 5 Questions to Determine

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